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New High Efficiency Boiler?

tekmar House Controls keep condensing boilers operating closer to their rated efficiency. This is because condensing boilers save more energy while operating at lower temperatures.


tekmarNet® House Controls coordinate all devices in a tekmarNet® system to provide a level of energy savings, comfort and convenience not possible with stand alone or on-board controls. tekmarNet® provides information from each thermostat to the Reset Control. This Indoor Temperature Feedback allows the Reset Control to consider the internal heat gains and losses of each connected zone to continuously fine-tune the water temperature required to the heating system. With the exact information given to the Reset Control for both current Outdoor Conditions combined with the ability to consider current Indoor Conditions of all connected zones, the tekmarNet® System is capable of delivering the lowest possible temperatures while ensuring occupant comfort is always satisfied. Other features include:


Simple Wiring & Operation – The majority of our thermostats feature a simple two-wire connection. Uncomplicated up and down buttons provide an easy platform to adjust the temperature requirements on our tekmarNet® thermostats. All of our tekmarNet® thermostats feature two individual temperature displays, meaning the user can view the room and outdoor temperatures at a quick glance.

Easy Programming – The majority of the controls are pre-programmed to suit the majority of applications, creating a very simple start up procedure…Think Plug n’ Play. Another feature is the capability to alter the access level meaning that the settings you make will stay as you left it.

$aving Indicator – The tekmarNet® system incorporates an energy saving monitor which is displayed when the Reset Control is using any one of its many energy saving features.

Monitoring – Stay informed of pertinent information such as: boiler usage, outdoor temperature extremes, or even track the amount of time the control has been in Energy Saving Mode. The control compiles the information in a sleek, easy to read menu for access at any time.



Zone Synchronization – Every tekmarNet® thermostat communicates to agree on a common, or ‘synchronized’, start time. With the zones operating as a synchronized unit, the result is a boiler plant that runs more efficiently and cycles less.

Zone Post Purge – At the end of a call for heat, the zones will stay on while the boiler is turned off. This allows for the residual heat to be drawn from the boiler and put to use in the heating zone where it belongs…Not out the boiler exhaust!

Automatic Boiler Differential – Automatically adjusting the boiler differential to changing conditions ensures longer running times and reduced boiler short cycling.

tekmar Controls has over 25 years of experience in controlling Hydronic Heating systems. With reliable, cost effective controls that are easy to install and program, there is no reason to settle for a less efficient system. Choose tekmar and benefit from world class technical support, training and a network of experienced local installers.